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 7th KWiSE Annual Meeting
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The 7th KWiSE annual meeting was held on October 15th, 2011.  The annual meeting was to celebrate founding of KWiSE.  The guest speakers included Dr. Lee Hosin, KSEA president, Dr. Han Gye Won, the founder of KWiSE and Dr. Seo Eun-Suk, Professor in Astrophysics.  Dr. Lee’s presentation on “Which career path is right for you” was a huge success.  Dr. Han’s presentation on KWiSE was a right topic to celebrate anniversary of KWiSE foundation.  She was chocked upon the story of early days of KWiSE when it was hard to obtain a small funding as little as $100.  She is proud of growth of KWiSE since it was the biggest meeting in the KWiSE history.  The group was big enough to host two parallel sessions, engineering and science.  Each session was focused on career showcase for young generation.  The speakers in the engineering session include Dr. Kim Jihie (USC, computer science), Jeon Christy (Parson, transportation engineer) and Hyo-Joo Han (Georgia Southern University).  The speakers for the science session included Dr. Kwon Oyun (UCLA, Chemistry), Dr. Yoo Sanghee (Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Research) and Dr. Kim Gweya (UCSD, Medical Physics).  After the session presentations, the meeting was adjourned in the general ballroom for the fun raffle.  The prizes for raffle were donated by KWiSE members.  Labogene donated a centrifuge as a raffle prize.  Dr. Kim Jihyun was the recipient.  The grand prize was a “kindle-fire” worth Amazon gift card (contributed by KWiSE).  It was meaningful annual meeting to notice the growth of KWiSE and to hear positive feedback from young students.  

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